Baby Vesuvius

December 7, 2010

One of the sleep-training books I read noted that some babies get so worked up about being left in their cribs to cry that they will vomit all over themselves. The book downplayed this as a potential problem, saying something to the effect of, “Many babies actually enjoy vomiting.”

This struck me as ridiculous until this past weekend. Eric and Lorelei and I were on a car trip, and I heard what I thought was a minor bit of spit-up from the back seat. When we arrived at our destination, it was clear that there was nothing minor about it.

Lorelei had managed to splatter herself, her car seat, and the back seat of Eric’s car with a veritable torrent of partially digested formula from a few hours before. I remember almost nothing of my physics classes back in high school, but terms like “acceleration” and “velocity” flashed into my mind as I surveyed the widespread damage in the back seat.

But the real kicker, in addition to the relative silence of the onslaught, was just how utterly pleased with herself Lorelei was. She was smiling and giggling – almost giddy, really – as if to say, “Hey Ma, look what I did! Let’s do it again!” Her clothes and car seat may have been saying “poor sick baby,” but her face was clearly registering “delighted Space Mountain patron.”