We Have Refrigerator Art!

November 16, 2010

Lorelei’s daycare recently sent her home with her first refrigerator-worthy art: A headshot of Lorelei framed in a construction-paper heart, alongside two purple-paint footprints. We love it and have, of course, given it a place of pride on our fridge.

Close inspection of the headshot reveals that the backdrop is the carpet in the infant room – I have images of a row of squirming, sunny-side-up babies being calmed by one of the teachers while another quickly makes her way down the line, snapping each shot before all hell breaks loose (as far as we can tell, working in the infant room is a lot like spinning plates – squalling, pooping plates. “As soon as one baby starts crying,” one of the women mentioned to Eric in an unguarded moment, her gaze darting around the room for signs of incipient distress, “the rest just light up.”)

I also wonder if each baby’s feet were duly dipped in the paint for the footprints, or if there was just one extra-amenable (and/or sleepy) baby who was pressed into service as a sort of human stamp, bopped up and down 12 times over before being cleaned up and sworn to silence.


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