Lorelei Holding Court

October 26, 2010

This past Friday, one of our neighbors had a (thankfully minor) kitchen fire that drove her and her two young boys to our house while the smoke cleared. When her husband arrived home from work, he came over as well. Another neighbor dropped by to check on everyone.

So by the time Eric and Lorelei arrived home from daycare (as you may recall, he is the designated picker-upper), we had a house full of people and a street full of fire trucks. The fire department’s response was nothing short of emphatic, bordering on excessive; my personal theory is that a few additional alarms were sounded when the first responders got a glimpse of the neighbor with the fiery kitchen, who is a knockout even in moments of great distress.

In any event, Eric suffered minor heart failure when he pulled onto our street and saw a bunch of fire trucks parked directly in front of our house, but he quickly recovered when he realized that his house, his neighbors, and his wife were all safe. As per his usual routine, he carried Lorelei and her car seat into the kitchen and set her down on the counter.

As soon as she looked around and saw all the people, her face lit up as if we’d thrown her a much-hoped-for surprise party. She smiled. She batted her eyelashes. She cooed at our neighbor, who pronounced Lorelei “perfect,” and grasped her finger with a kind of delighted intensity. She’s a people baby, no question about it.

The assembled group eventually dispersed, and Lorelei quickly wilted, as she tends to do after a long day at the daycare salt mines. She went down for the night without a fuss – dreaming, no doubt, of all those new faces she elicited smiles from.


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