The Baby Who Would Not Nap

October 21, 2010

One of the daycare teachers reported that Lorelei was “in a funk” the other day, presumably because she flatly refused to nap. They put her down in the portacrib, where she alternately babbled to herself and fussed, but no rest was had.

She now seems to be catching up on her sleep in the mornings, like a surly teenager. Twice this week we’ve had to wake her up to get her ready for daycare.

Have you ever tried to wake a baby who’s in a really deep sleep? It’s just this side of impossible. I’ve had some luck with nursing her, but it rubs me wrong to use food to rouse a sleeping baby. I suppose I’d wake up too if someone stuck, say, a cheeseburger in my mouth early one morning when I was trying to sleep in – and don’t get me wrong; I’d probably be pretty happy about it – but that doesn’t make it right.

Eric is highly annoyed at this new trend, as mornings are really the only quality time he gets with Lorelei (or LoFo, as he’s started calling her) during the week. In addition to cuddling and laughing with Daddy, she’s grown fond of gnawing on his nose – my nose, for whatever reason, is not similarly enticing. They say that extra sleep often means that babies are undergoing a growth spurt, but this morning he urged her to “grow on your own time!”


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