Toothy Baby

October 13, 2010

A couple of weeks back, Eric had his finger in Lorelei’s mouth – a normal state of affairs; she likes having at least one of our fingers, or several of her own, in there during most of her waking hours – when he felt something sharp. We initially thought she was concealing a shiv, but it turns out that she’s teething…really early. Both of her bottom middle incisors have now broken through the surface.

The daycare ladies smiled at me indulgently when I mentioned that teething might have been responsible for a recent bout of crankiness – First-time mom, has no idea of her child’s developmental timeline…probably thinks the kid is ready for a two-wheeler, too – until they got their own fingers in there and had a feel around. Credibility restored.

My own personal theory is that she’s heard good things about the Tooth Fairy from the little boy next door (who is just about to lose his first tooth) and wants in on the goodies. She may be trying to impress Papa Roy, a retired orthodontist. Or she may, as Eric hypothesized, “be excited to start eating solid food since she knows how much you seem to enjoy it.”


2 Responses to “Toothy Baby”

  1. […] was, however, quite impressed with her new teeth. She may not be able to roll over yet, but she can masticate with the best of them. Posted by […]

  2. […] tried having Lorelei nurse on that side a bit, but she’s been quite eager to try out those new teeth of hers, which are like miniature white razors (the first time she chomped down, I literally saw stars for […]

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