Typhoid Lorelei?

September 17, 2010

Lorelei returned to day care on Tuesday (having recovered from her cold, but not before passing it along to me via some big wet sneezes right in my face. It’s hard to explain the whole “cover your mouth when you sneeze” thing to someone who’s not yet even clear on the whole concept of having a mouth).

She was only there for a few hours before I got the call: I had to go pick her up on suspicion of possible pinkeye. I was told, ominously, that I had to be there to collect her within one hour. I don’t know what happens if you miss the one-hour cutoff – Quarantine in the nap room? Full facility lockdown? Ransom requests? – but I wasn’t about to find out.

When I got there, she was fast asleep on the shoulder of one of the teachers, making it difficult to ascertain what was going on with her eye. There was some goopy stuff in the inner corner, but when I pried it open to take a peek (which did not, incidentally, wake her up – the kid sleeps like a champ), there was no sign of redness.

She wasn’t allowed to come back without medical clearance, so off we went to the pediatrician, who diagnosed her with a possible blocked tear duct. Very common in young babies, apparently, and not at all contagious. He gave us a note certifying that she was not a medical threat to her drooling peers, and our adventure ended back at the day care about three hours after it began.

I’m really happy that our day care both notices what’s going on with each baby, healthwise, and cares enough to enforce rules designed to prevent the spread of illness. But the Catch-22, as Eric pointed out, is that day care is the only place Lorelei could have been exposed to pinkeye in the first place. Neither of us has pinkeye, and she really doesn’t have what one would describe as a rollicking social life outside the home.

But things could definitely be worse: Today there was a sign up that the entire facility had been exposed to strep throat on Monday (the day Lorelei happened to be out). Any kid with a cough that powerful is a force to be reckoned with. I wonder if he’s now required to wear a big scarlet “S” on his shirt.


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