Dressing the Autumn Baby

August 25, 2010

Clothes just aren’t my thing – I’d secretly be pretty excited if someone suddenly decreed that we all had to wear uniforms. It was so blissfully easy dressing Lorelei in the heat of summer: diaper + short-sleeved onesie (or, if it was really hot, just the diaper. She looked a lot like the Coppertone baby, minus the crazy dog).

Now that it’s getting colder, more decisions need to be made. Long sleeves or short? Bare legs or covered? Outerwear? Socks? I’m discovering that diaper changes are far more complicated when clothes with legs are involved. I’m also realizing that baby clothes are probably the sole reason snap manufacturers are still in business. (That, and those breakaway pants basketball players wear – are diaper changes an issue for them?)

I’m also discovering that some of her outfits just don’t come together the way I think they will. She has a red two-piece pants-and-top ensemble that looked rather fresh and sporty in the drawer. But when I put it on her, she looked more like she was ready to head to the senior rec center for a few rounds of canasta. It might as well have been made of velour. (And, interestingly, when I put her in the car seat and the collar bunched up around her face, she morphed into a tiny late-era Elvis. Versatile, yes, but not really the look I was going for either way.)


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