Our Little Girl Is Growing Up

August 16, 2010

Today was Lorelei’s first day at day care. (She got in at her – or, more accurately, my – first choice of day care centers, which made me and Eric feel inordinately proud. As if her ability to simultaneously kick and drool had any bearing on her admittance.)

Anyway, she’s not starting full time until next month, when I head back to work, but we had to pay starting with this month to lock in her spot. I had a lengthy dentist’s appointment this morning, so it seemed like a good day for a test run.

It’s such a cute place – she’s got two cubbies (an “inside” cubby for diapers and diaper-related paraphernalia; an “outside” cubby for outerwear when the temperature drops), as well as a designated hook upon which clothing affected by dreaded-yet-inevitable diaper blowouts is carefully bagged and hung for parental removal. Everything is meticulously labeled with neat little nametags. Interestingly, in her class of 15, there are not one but two sets of twins – the mind boggles.

Additionally, the staff maintains a detailed chronicle of each child’s inputs, outputs, and nap times in his or her own personal notebook. It will be interesting for me to have this information, as I have never noted it at this end beyond, e.g., “I seem to recall a God-awful diaper sometime in the last 48 hours.”

I know she’s in good hands. The teacher I handed her off to was so sweet and soothing that Shari Lewis of Lamb Chop fame seems like a veritable Cruella de Vil in comparison. Also, Lorelei was asleep in her car seat when I left, so there were no dramatic departure histrionics – not that I was really expecting any, except perhaps at my end.

After I dropped her off, I came back home and proceeded to augment my coffee with chicken broth rather than evaporated milk. (Those half-finished cans in the fridge all look the same.) Maybe a nap is in order for me as well.

P.S. When I returned to day care in the afternoon to collect Lorelei, she was merrily peeing all over the changing table. Always leave them wanting more, I say.


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