Lorelei and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Diapers

July 31, 2010

They were red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ocher and peach…

In a fit of whimsy sometime during my second trimester, I decided that our baby girl should be kitted out not in standard disposable diapers, but in reusable cloth diapers. Environmental concerns weren’t my primary motivation (given all the extra water and detergent they require vs. disposables, it’s anybody’s guess as to which will finish off our rain forests sooner) – I think I just have trouble throwing things away. I’m not even wild about paper plates.

After doing some online research, I discovered that cloth diapers have come a long way since the rubber pants era. Lorelei is now the proud owner of a dozen-plus pairs of Fuzzi Bunz, which come in a wide array of stylish colors – her collection includes everything from pale lavender to traffic-cone orange – and fasten with little white snaps. The snaps, as well as the leg and waist elastic, are adjustable so that she can continue wearing the same diapers right up until the time she doesn’t need diapers anymore – obviously, Eric and I are hoping this happens sooner rather than later.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with them. This may change when Lorelei transitions to regular-people food and the concurrent regular-people poops; right now her outputs still more closely resemble a Florentine sauce that’s gone slightly off.

She sprung a few overnight leaks until we switched to a more absorbent insert for nighttime, one made of hemp (I swear, you learn something new every day). Also, they’re still pretty big on her diminutive frame, giving her a bottom-heavy Weeble-esque silhouette. One of the diaper-review websites noted that these particular diapers are not good if you prefer a “trim fit” – I hope we have at least a few years before Lorelei starts being concerned about having a sleek bottom.

She’s not allowed to wear her Fuzzi Bunz at day care, I think for hygiene reasons (once again, Live Free or Die has some common-sense limitations). But while she’s kicking around the house in the evening and on weekends, Lorelei can lay claim to the most colorful bum on the block.


One Response to “Lorelei and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Diapers”

  1. Dawn Smith Says:

    I am still laughing out loud at the Florentine sauce reference. Ah good stuff:)

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