July 27, 2010

Last year, on July 25th, Eric and I got married at my parents’ house. We never anticipated that we’d be back there exactly a year later – same minister, same caterer, many of the same guests – for a party in honor of our new nephew’s baptism. Or, for that matter, that we’d be bringing along an even tinier guest of our own.

Both babies were very well-behaved during the church service. Lorelei was completely sacked out the entire time, to the point that people began to wonder if they should check her little baby thigh for evidence of a tranquilizer dart. Matthew remained quietly alert, even during the water-on-the-forehead part of the ceremony. He looked rather dashing in his white satin vest and pants, which had been crafted from Alicia’s wedding dress, and a pair of matching satin booties.

We heard just one brief (yet spirited) squawk from him, when the guest musicians fired up their oboe and English Horn for an instrumental duet called “Call at Dawn.” The oboist actually paused for a brief “I’m sorry” before resuming play – Matthew was really quite indignant. Lorelei slept through the musical interlude, but a distinct look of displeasure drifted across her furrowed brow when it started. There’s a reason that children’s music boxes don’t feature instruments that honk like Canadian Geese.

At the party, we took many photos of the cousins. Lorelei is quite a bit smaller than Matthew, but given that she’s literally half his age (6 weeks to his 12), that’s not all that surprising. She didn’t let this faze her, however.

During one photo op, when we were holding both babies next to each other, Lorelei repeatedly flailed her little arms in his face and bopped him with her fists, all the while maintaining a casual gaze in another direction. We tried to appease Matthew (who looked confused and a little annoyed – “It’s my day, lady – did you not see the satin suit and booties?”), but to no avail.

They say that 6-week-olds don’t even know that their arms and legs belong to them yet, but I have my doubts. Lorelei looked just a little too pleased with herself.


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed reading your blog.

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