Reality Bites – and Pees

July 14, 2010

Last night, I went downtown for a friend’s book reading (you can check out her book, a harrowing real-life rescue story, here).

Before it started, I had some time to kill and found myself leafing through a coffee table book filled with artsy, multicultural photographs of newborn babies. It wasn’t an Anne Geddes, but it was of that ilk. Anne, incidentally, has always seemed a little off to me; I certainly wouldn’t hire her to babysit. I’d be concerned that we’d come home and find Lorelei in the lettuce crisper, artistically decked out with cabbage leaves and radish roses.

Anyway, in addition to photos, the book featured quotes about babies and parenthood. One in particular – a sentiment that would have struck me as unbearably maudlin less than two months ago – hit home for me:

To have a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.

I returned home from the bookstore to my husband and child, enveloped in a haze of maternal bliss. Life was good.

This morning, we awoke to a house awash in cat pee.  Tasha had hit the couch (spreading the wealth to three separate cushions), a pile of old newspapers, and a bag filled with loaner baby toys from a friend of ours – who, it later occurred to us, has two cats of her own. Maybe the threat of two phantom cats, in addition to the undeniable fact of the new baby, pushed Tasha over the edge.

I have no idea how that much liquid issued forth from a single cat; I suspect that she popped out for a Big Gulp in the middle of the night. I also have no idea how to effectively remove the foul stench of displaced cat from our couch cushions; few things in life are as tenacious, or unpleasant, as the smell of cat urine. Bioterrorists, take note.


6 Responses to “Reality Bites – and Pees”

  1. metamediasam Says:

    While I agree this smells (no pun…) like some sort of territorial contest, have you thought of visiting the vet? That much wizz is cause for concern.

  2. jacarsen Says:

    Yeah, we’ve thought about it, but she seems completely fine healthwise. My bet is that the unpleasantness/pungency of the pee is making me think there’s more of it than there actually is…but we’re keeping an eye on her.

  3. Amy Says:

    Nature’s Miracle is the stuff for you — we use it a lot!

  4. Sophie Says:

    Oh no! We had a neighbours cat who kept coming into our house and marking its territory. It turned out the cat was being fed value food whilst our two are fed finest. The final straw was when i was woken the third time one week to that dreadful smell and my cat walked straight to my backpack and smelt it. I washed the backpack three times on the hottest wash with detergent and fabric softener and that finally did the trick.

    Hope the smell is gone it really is horrendous!!!

    Is your cat ok now?

  5. jacarsen Says:

    Yes, the smell is awful! We’ve been keeping the cat away from the couch, so we’re not quite sure if she’s over it, but we’re very hopeful 🙂

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