The Apples Don’t Fall Far…

June 25, 2010

Motion has always been my brother’s thing – motorboats, motorcycles, jetskis, you name it. When Dan was a baby, he regularly stood up in his crib, gripped the top railing, and shook it back and forth until the bolts loosened to an alarming, Consumer-Reports-recall degree previously unthinkable for a child that age.

He also would sit on the couch, or in the car, and bounce back and forth for hours while making an “uhhh-uhhh-uhhh-uhhh” sound. This led my German grandmother to shake her head and sadly pronounce that “something ist not right mit that boy.” As it turned out, everything was fine – he just liked to keep moving. Matthew is proving to be much the same way, most at home in his swings and rockers.

While Lorelei is not averse to motion, her real passion seems to be eating and sucking on things. When she’s finished nursing, she does not have that glazed, contented look I’ve seen on the faces of other babies. Rather, she needs to be forcibly prised away (they tell you to use a finger to break the suction, which I’ve tried, but she is tenacious – thank God there are no teeth to contend with yet), at which point she immediately starts rooting around for the next thing to suck on. This tends to be one of my pinkies (a purist, she has so far rejected all proffered pacifiers).

If nothing is forthcoming, she’ll purse her tiny lips into what I have dubbed Cheerio Mouth, giving her a striking resemblance to Jonathan Papelbon in the seconds before he fires off a pitch. Maybe our girl is destined for a career in professional sports. Or competitive eating.


One Response to “The Apples Don’t Fall Far…”

  1. metamediasam Says:

    I love what the box says: May help lower cholesterol. Well, it may cure leprosy. I don’t know. Do you? It may help remove oil from the gulf? Who’s to say(that’s a Jeff Garlin joke).

    By the way, I’m Lisa’s husband in Chicago. I’m blogging too. Good luck with getting some sleep.

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