Preggo About Town: Adventures at the Food Store

June 1, 2010

This weekend at the Market Basket, my checker was a teenage guy who I think had been on duty since the early hours and was seriously hopped up on caffeine.

Checker (gesturing vaguely at my stomach, clearly much too observant to work at Aspen Dental): Hey, congratulations.

Me: Thanks!

Checker: So when is the baby due?

Me: I’m due June 12, but it could really be any day now.

Checker (visibly intrigued yet horrified): Dude – NO WAY!

It was all I could do not to drop my groceries and feign a contraction right there in front of him. You could tell he was wondering a) why on earth I was still allowed to leave my house unattended and b) if I would be the cause of an imminent “cleanup at Register 3” announcement.


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