“Huge” Is a Relative Term…

May 28, 2010

Last week, when I saw my doctor, she poked around my belly and said it doesn’t look like we’ll be having a “huge” baby. This was reassuring.

This week, I saw a different doctor in the practice – they rotate us through all four so there’s not a complete stranger in the delivery room with you in the event your regular doc is unable to attend the birth.

She, too, is poking around my belly. “Did Sonja tell you how big she thinks the baby will be?”

“She just said it didn’t seem like she’d be huge.”

She laughs. “Way to hedge your bets there, Sonja.” More poking. “I’d say you’re looking at eight, eight-and-a-half pounds.”

Now, I know this technically isn’t a “huge” baby – Dan was a veritable behemoth at nine-plus when he was born – but I’d been hoping for something more in the neighborhood of a demure seven-pounder (like Eric and I both were). Perhaps all the Jax have been plumping up the Olive like a paté goose.


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