Nursery for Now

May 26, 2010

My ob/gyn examined me last week and declared that things are moving right along – the Olive appears to be well-positioned and has actually begun her initial descent (I hope she realizes that she will now have to discontinue the use of all portable electronic devices and stow her tray table). It’s possible that I could stay like this for a few more weeks, but it’s also possible that she could come any day now.

This jarred me into the realization that we will actually need somewhere to put her when she arrives home – I knew this day was coming, of course, but for a long time I’d held out hope that the renovation would actually be far enough along that we could move some of our things downstairs to free up room in the nursery (aka our current bedroom). As the only new space downstairs is currently an open pit ringed by concrete, I don’t think this is going to be an option. We could probably come up with some unique baby-survivor-type scenarios involving torches and foraging, but I’m guessing those would get old pretty fast.

So we’ve done some rearranging upstairs and now have the beginnings of a makeshift nursery (current theme: “Somewhat Better Than Putting Baby in a Sock Drawer”). We’ve set up the pack-and-play (when did these stop being called playpens?) in the largely unused room next to our bedroom, and an antique vanity has been pressed into service as a temporary changing table.

The room itself isn’t ideal – for one thing, a huge rectangle of bright sunlight falls smack across the middle of the pack-and-play every day between 1:00 and 2:30, courtesy of a skylight (we can either buy her baby sunglasses or hope for a well-timed eclipse). For another, the room is home to the cats’ food, water, and litter box – I’m pretty sure the pack-and-play is outside the range of the litter that regularly sails across the room whenever Brodie gets in the box and starts thrashing around, but a few more trajectory measurements are in order.

I really hope baby has a sense of humor – I think she’ll need one.


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