PBOOH Strikes Again

May 24, 2010

The Portsmouth Board of Old Houses (PBOOH – that’s not really what it’s called, but it’s how I’ve come to think of it) finally gave us their blessing to go ahead with our renovation at their May 5 meeting. A few days later, I came home from the food store to discover that construction had started in a big way. Our yard was a mess of excavated dirt, backhoes, and grimy, sinewy men in hard hats.

A week later, we had both the beginnings of a poured concrete foundation and a plumbing leak where the guys had struck an improbably located pipe. This didn’t really surprise me – none of the guts of this house are hooked up in any kind of rational or predictable fashion. (Our electrician once came over for what should have been a 30-minute repair and left four hours later, shaking his head, saying, “I wasn’t planning on drinking tonight, but now that’s out the window.”)

Now, three weeks later, progress has ground to a halt. The current hold-up is not technically PBOOH, but some local building inspector who needs to see more paperwork of some sort before construction can continue. I don’t know why he couldn’t look at the paperwork earlier – you know, before we had a big hole in our backyard.

The only one who seems excited about the delay is Brodie; all of the freshly turned earth and unmowed grass have lent a new dimension of excitement to her backyard exploring. Eleven years ago, she was an abandoned kitten in an urban California park when Eric rescued her, and she seems to be reconnecting with her gritty roots. I actually caught her flashing the West Side sign to the cat next door.


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