We are already horrible parents…

May 13, 2010

Last year, when my mom and I were visiting Australia, we caught the tail end of a morning news broadcast – an intensely serious reporter out in the field was commenting on the growing problem of bullying in the Sydney school system. She threw it back to the anchors in the studio, wrapping up with something like, “It’s an important issue for us all to be aware of. Jim?”

Jim then turns to the camera, takes a beat, and says, cheerily, “Toughen up, kiddies!” The female anchor sitting next to him opens and closes her mouth a few times, but nothing comes out – you can tell she’s torn between wanting to be the lone responsible adult at the anchor desk and wanting to laugh until she cries. The station quickly cuts to commercial.

I was reminded of this yesterday, when Eric was ripping the handle off a paper bag and accidentally clocked me in the belly when it suddenly gave way. It was nowhere near hard enough to hurt me or the baby, but just hard enough to be kind of funny. Our first incident of unintentional child abuse, I think. What a special time this is!

Toughen up, Olive!


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