Oh, the places you won’t go!

May 11, 2010

Today’s mail is just messing with us. We received:

  • A brochure from Norwegian Cruise Line featuring a new ship, the Norwegian Epic. The brochure smugly proclaims that “By the time you depart, you’ll know you’ve arrived.”
  • A letter from CitiCards re: my American Airlines frequent flyer miles account, which has grown rather dusty of late
  • Not one but two brochures from Princess Cruises (whose motto, apparently, is Escape Completely) – One is inviting us to partake of savings on sailings to Europe; the other is offering free balcony upgrades

I looked pretty closely, and none of the people in the cruise brochures appear to be sporting leaky nipples or burp cloths.

It’s not that we don’t look forward to traveling with the Olive (particularly if she’s one of those easily portable, potted plant-type babies rather than the blotchy screamer we’re bracing ourselves for), but it’s going to be a while before we’re able to escape, completely or otherwise, to any locales more exotic than the food store.


One Response to “Oh, the places you won’t go!”

  1. Kalee Says:

    A friend of mine says you either get a marshmallow or a monkey. Here’s hoping for marshmallows, though I think you have a much better chance with a girl.

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