Mother’s Day

May 10, 2010

We spent yesterday with our families, including the newest arrival. Matthew, as far as we can tell, is perfect in every way. Some evidence of this:

1. He has a full head of hair that already parts left. This is impressive.

2. He has had, since the very beginning, a normal-shaped head rather than one of those coneheads reminiscent of the 1970s SNL skits (though a pointy knit cap combined with a bottom-heavy swaddling arrangement in a striped blanket made him look exactly like a bowling pin for a few hours after his birth. Somehow he managed to pull it off).

3. He has no splotches, blemishes, baby acne, or other temporary-yet-unsettling cosmetic issues that plague so many newborns and prompt friends and well-wishers to say truthful yet vague comments like, “Now that’s a baby!”

4. Apart from a few mewling sighs, he’s blissfully quiet (though he does like to be kept in constant motion). At home, Dan has apparently found a way to work the baby swing with one foot while keeping his hands free for the Sony PlayStation.

He will definitely be a tough act to follow, and it’s unlikely that the fates would grant our families two perfect babies in such a short period of time. I think Eric and I are on course for a blotchy screamer – especially since, truth be told, I myself was a blotchy screamer.

I have no recollection of this, but it once got so bad that my dad (normally a very patient and loving man) ordered both me, months-old, and my mom out of the car during a short road trip. “I don’t care where you take that damn baby, but get her out of here.” Things were resolved in some fashion, as my mom and I ultimately returned home with my dad rather becoming career panhandlers or circus carnies.

As for Eric, his mom reports that he was a “party baby” who came to life just as the rest of the house was settling down for the night. We’re not sure how late this would have been – his dad was a butcher who rose at an ungodly hour every morning, which could well mean that 7:30 pm was “the middle of the night” in the Foster home – but this doesn’t bode well, either.

We’ve offered Dan and Alicia a baby swap, but so far they’re not biting.


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