Birthday Boy

May 5, 2010

Yesterday I looked up Matthew’s birthday (May 3) online to see which famous people he shares it with. The results were somewhat disappointing:

  • Musician Pete Seeger
  • Ann B. Davis (Alice of Brady Bunch fame)
  • Levi Johnston, knocker-upper of Bristol Palin – hopefully his 15 minutes will be up long before Matthew is remotely old enough to know who he is.

Had he held out just half an hour longer and been born on May 4, he could have claimed such luminaries as Audrey Hepburn, Randy Travis, and Pia Zadora (OK, so just Audrey Hepburn – even Alice handily beats the other two with one oven mitt tied behind her back).

My birthday (Nov. 29) is no great shakes, either – I have a New Kid on the Block (Jonathan Knight) and a Brat Pack has-been (Andrew McCarthy).

I guess it’s up to Matthew and me to raise the bar a bit for our respective birthdays. Eric and I got to meet him yesterday, and even though he doesn’t even have eyelashes yet, you can tell he’s well up to the task.


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