Nephew’s Here!

May 4, 2010

Matthew Richard Carsen (the baby formerly known as Royringo) arrived at 11:31 pm last night – baby, mom, and dad are all doing great.

We’ve seen some pix, and he’s adorable. My mom has relayed the fact that Matthew seems to have inherited “Dan’s enormous head” that she still remembers so vividly some 30-odd years after his birth.

P.S. Presumably in honor of the happy event, my ankles have decided to puff up like celebratory balloons. I’ve already warned Eric that any references to cankles (or Hillary Clinton, for that matter) will be met with overt hostility.


2 Responses to “Nephew’s Here!”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Hurrah! Welcome to the world, Matthew! Can’t wait to meet you. Please send all of my love and congratulations to Dan and Alicia. xx

  2. […] Another friend of ours from high school is due to deliver her first child any day now. I’ve known her husband since we were tiny, back when he used to come trick-or-treating with me and my brother (who just had a baby of his own, the indomitable Matthew). […]

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