Waiting on Royringo

April 27, 2010

Today is Royringo’s official due date, and the waiting continues. I have had Tom Petty’s “The Waiting (Is the Hardest Part)” in my head all day, which is particularly annoying as I can’t stand Tom Petty. (I also think Alicia might tend to disagree with Tom’s overall conclusion; the “waiting while a full-term baby takes his sweet time vacating your feeling-like-you’re-ready-to-explode belly” might well be the hardest part.)

Even at this tender age, you’d think Royringo would know that Carsens are congenitally incapable of being late.  He is, after all, the great-grandson of Marx Carsen, a man who regularly departed for airports and train stations many hours earlier than necessary, famously and emphatically declaring upon leaving the house that “I can sit there as well as I can sit here.”

Unfortunately, there is some discouraging precedent on Alicia’s side: Both she and her sister arrived two weeks after their due dates. Hopefully Royringo will buck the trend and get a move on. He has many eager fans waiting to greet him!

Come to think of it, Eric was born two weeks late, too – I certainly hope the Olive isn’t planning a similarly leisurely debut.


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