April 3, 2010

Unless the Easter Bunny has just done an extremely good job of hiding them, there are no Cadbury Mini Eggs to be found on the New Hampshire seacoast. These are not to be confused with Cadbury Creme Eggs, the big chocolate ones with the gooey centers, complete with yolk – I always thought the yolk was a particularly nice touch. Delicious, yes, but I wanted the mini eggs to top cupcakes; substituting the creme eggs for this particular purpose could be considered overkill. (I’d feel compelled to serve an ampoule of insulin alongside each cupcake at that point.)

At first I thought they might have discontinued the mini eggs, but it appears that other savvy Eastertide shoppers have just beaten me to them. It’s been interesting to see the different reactions of male and female store clerks when I inquire as to their whereabouts – I think it’s clear that women are the Easter Bunny’s primary helpers when it comes to filling the baskets each year:

Female clerk: Oh, sorry, we sold out of the Cadbury Mini Eggs last week.

Male clerk, Store #1: Try Aisle 4. (Aisle 4 is the pickle and mustard aisle. I believe his MO is to send everyone to Aisle 4 when he’s not sure where something is.)

Male clerk, Store #2: [Gazing blankly at the chockablock shelves of packaged pastel sweets in front of him and grabbing a bag of something foil-wrapped] Uhhhh, these are pretty small…whaddya think?


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