A Show We Never Should Have Watched

March 10, 2010

Eric and I were home last Saturday night, and he tuned us into Parenthood, the new Ron Howard show featuring none other than Eric’s beloved Lauren Graham. It was, to put it mildly, depressing. In one nearly commercial-free hour, courtesy of the good people at Nissan, we were treated to:

  • An odd, socially awkward child with a penchant for pirate wear who turned out to have Asperger’s
  • A strained familial relationship stemming from the can’t-let-it-rest nature of hyper-competitive patriarch Craig T. Nelson
  • An uber-lawyer (Erika Christensen) whose child clearly preferred her husband due to her workaholic tendencies (though it was good to see her pull her life back together after that nasty drug habit that plagued her in Traffic)
  • A depressed, down-on-her luck Lauren Graham who wound up back at her parents’ home with her two moody teenagers, neither of whom possessed even a glimmer of the the winsome charm of Rory Gilmore
  • A Peter Pan-type younger brother who refused to commit to having a child with his baby-fevered girlfriend yet who, ironically, discovered in the last few minutes of the pilot that’d he’d already fathered a child with an ex-girlfriend (gotcha!)

It didn’t make me feel all warm and rosy about impending parenthood. It kind of made me want to reconsider the whole thing.

P.S. Eric is demanding that I include a mention of how good Lauren Graham looked in her boots during the Chinese restaurant scene.


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