Does Anyone Else Find Lindsey Vonn Incredibly Annoying?

February 21, 2010

Eric and I have gotten sucked into the Olympics coverage, and it’s been impossible to avoid the media frenzy that is Lindsey Vonn.

Before the games even started, she announced her “excruciatingly painful” shin contusion to Matt Lauer and the rest of the world. Precisely why she did this is not clear – was it a case of trying to manage expectations early? This seems highly contrary to the unofficial motto of the winter Olympics, which can be roughly boiled down to “Suck it up and ski.”

Then she treated the shin by wrapping it with an obscure kind of Austrian cheese. It’s hard to believe that any sort of topical remedy could heal an injury that Vonn herself described as a “deep muscle bruise,” though it’s surely great news for the Austrians who manufacture Topfen cheese. They can now assert with a good deal of authority that it’s not just for crackers anymore.

Yesterday, at the Ladies’ Super-G event, she skiied her way into first place with several skiiers left to go. Her friend on the German team, Maria Riesch, subsequently landed in third. After her run, the cameras cut to Vonn hugging Riesch and saying something to the effect of, “I hope you hang onto it so that we can be on the podium together.”

The arrogance of this astounded me – there were still several skiiers left, and it was quite possible that neither Vonn nor Riesch would end up with a medal (as it turned out, Vonn claimed a bronze and Riesch got nothing). But Vonn seemed certain not only that she would medal, but that she would wind up with the gold, which would have been the only way that she and Riesch could have been on the podium together.

And then this morning, I woke up to see a Yahoo news item asking, “Was U.S. Skiier Sabotaged?” The crux of the story was the assertion by Vonn’s husband and coach that the Austrian who designed the Super-G course, Juergen Kriechbaum, deliberately designed it in a way hostile to Vonn’s style of skiing.

All’s fair in love and cheese, Lindsey.


17 Responses to “Does Anyone Else Find Lindsey Vonn Incredibly Annoying?”

  1. jefferson Says:

    ha! my thoughts exactly. I was doing a search this morning on ‘lindsey vonn annoying’. the sense of entitlement is serious with this one. the thing with Reisch was too much. whiny, entitled, multi-millionaire twit.

  2. T Says:

    Googling “lindsay vonn annoying” led me to your blog! Well written. What Olympic caliber athlete uses cheese to treat a shin injury? She said during an interview that she didn’t report it to her doctor right away because she was in denial. That’s like a model not telling her agent about a face injury. She doesn’t seem genuine. And why is it that she always perfectly made up in interviews, even when it’s snowing like crazy on top of a mountain? I didn’t know who Julia Mancuso was before the Olympics but count me a fan.

  3. cripsayy Says:

    I did the same thing, typed in lindsey vonn annoying. At least she didn’t win the slalom, but if I had to rely on nbc’s fucking stupid coverage, where nothing’s live except curling and hockey, I wouldn’t know that until tonight.

  4. TVevurka Says:

    LOL! I searched the same thing & found this blog. She is an annoying and arrogant twit.

  5. Van Says:

    They must have a cameraman tethered to her ankle. She’s the only US female athlete they’re showing.

  6. m. Says:

    I googled “Lindsey Vonn annoying” after watching the Closing Olympics and being bombarded with High Definition images of Lindsey Vonn the entire night and in fact the entire Olympics. I usually like success and athletes who are successful, but I just found Lindsey Vonn sooooo annoying. It occured to me when USA’s Julia Mancuso came down the mountain and won a Silver medal and the US Network tried their best to ignore it and so did Lindsey, then Julia won another silver and the tv press coverage had to begrudgingly give Jullia her due(but giving her the accolades were all wrapped up in giving Lindsey Vonn more press.) Julia finally had to tweet her feelings out of frustration.
    Yes LV is annoying.

  7. mv Says:

    If she so desperately wants a gold medal and press coverage, she’s got it … she wins hands down the most hated 2010 Olympian. I mean, who brings their own gold medal to an awards ceremony?!? There she was receiving a bronze medal and what does she do … pulls out the gold she won previously so she’s not photographed with something less than a gold. To describe her as “annoying” is an understatement.

  8. vo Says:

    I not only can’t stand what she says but how she says it. Am I the only one who can’t stand the nasally Michigan accent?

  9. HM Says:

    Lindsey Vonn coverage was the most annoying part of the whole Olympics, I felt like the press was forcing us to like her….why…she had only two medals…how about likes of Shani Davis? How annoying…I cannot stand her!

  10. Barry Mikelberg Says:

    I agree…. So annoying. And regarding that snobby Michigan accent, I bet she went to the university of michigan. Those people are all so sheltered, annoying, and believed they are priviledged. Its so funny cause I just hired somebody from u of m just so that I can embarass them and eventually make them look so stupid and fire them..HaHa. I wish Lindsay worked for me.

    GO STATE!!!

  11. Bill Says:

    Yes. She seems to really be into herself, not the sport too much. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so. She is from Minnesota, not Michigan. By the way, I find Ms. Mancuso to be more attractive.

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  13. sue Says:

    I just found this blog after doing a Google search of “Lindsey Vonn + whining.” I live in Garmisch, where the recent World Championships were held. The first thing LV did when coming here was whine about the snow conditions. She had been in Europe long enough to know that Garmisch was experiencing warm temps during the day and below freezing nights. When she got bad press in the German and Austrian papers for her complaints, she then said she couldn’t understand why people didn’t like her. LIke a first grader, LV said that she wants people to like her. She also got slammed in the press here for using the downhill portion of the combined race as a training run with no intention of doing the slalom part. If she had no intention to finish the race, she should have given her spot to someone on the US team who would have loved the opportunity to compete in a World Championship race. But LV is only out for herself. LV really turned me off at the 2010 Olympics, when her husband complained about an Austrian conspiracy to set the Super-G course so that she would lose. I for one am looking forward to the day when LV retires.

  14. jacarsen Says:

    Thanks so much for your comment! I was worried that perhaps I’d been too hard on Lindsey, but she keeps doing these irritating diva-like things…

  15. True Skier Says:

    Lindsey Vonn cheats at events too. When she wipes out, she puposely sits in the track to long to throw off her opponent’s timing. I think she is a crappy, sloppy skier and Mancuso’s skiing is superior to hers. Every narcissist falls through the cracks so here’s to her never getting up again. She’s an embarrassment to skiing. Just what the sport needs, another self centered assinine twit.

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  17. blogandquill Says:

    Absolutely she is annoying! What did for me is her “injury” before her scheduled run. She would not allow anyone to see it, I believe she was faking the injury. The injury would serve as a great excuse if she did not win and if she did win she would be that much more the “hero.” She took all the attention from the other skiers, disgusting. The kicker to all this is her medical treatment for this injury was to put cheese on it! Does she also go for a good blood letting too?

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