The Bears are Back

February 11, 2010

As soon as we found out we were having a girl, I dragged Eric to my folks’ house to retrieve all of the little girl things that have been living in their basement since I moved out:

  • A stuffed hedgehog (named “Marcia” during the late ’70s, at the height of my personal Bradymania).
  • My battle-scarred childhood blanket – called “Gampy” for reasons unknown. Gampy sports a 4″ hole in the middle, courtesy of an ill-tempered golden retriever named Brandy whose short tenure with the Carsen family ended mere moments after the attack on Gampy.
  • A truly impressive collection of various Babar the Elephant paraphernalia (Babarphernalia?)
  • A tiny rocking chair that we will repaint for the Olive
  • My collection of North American Bear Co. bears

The North American Bear Co.’s “Very Important Bears” were popular in the late ’80s and early ’90s – they are made of cloth rather than fur, come in a variety of colors, and feature cutesy plays on celebrity names and costumes to match.

My collection includes, among others, Lauren Bearcall (faux fur coat), Humphrey Beargart (satin smoking jacket), and Scarlett O’Beara (famous green “curtains” gown from Tara).

Eric and I have known each other since elementary school, so he remembers the bear collection from years ago. I think he was hoping it had disappeared somewhere along the line. He says as long as they stay in the nursery and don’t start to wend their way into our bedroom – I don’t think he wants to wake up eye-to-eye with Napoleon Bearnaparte or any of his ilk – he’s fine with having the bears in residence.

(If we ever have a little boy, I’ve already been warned that we will need an entire room devoted solely to Legos. Fair’s fair.)


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