Our Ikea Adventure

February 8, 2010

This past Saturday, Eric and I headed across the border with our respective moms (aka “Nana” and “Nonni”) to the Ikea in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Our mission? Cheap yet structurally sound baby furniture  – specifically a crib and a changing table.

It was quite an adventure. This will not be news to anyone who’s ever been to an Ikea before, but the grandmas and I had never been and we were well and truly overwhelmed. After working our way through a maze of faux leather couches, storage baskets of all shapes and sizes, and massive throngs of children hopped up on Ikea’s signature lingonberry jam and cinnamon buns, we made it to the children’s furniture section (known as Kinderblocken or some such).

We’ve gotten off very easy with this baby thing so far in large part because Dan and Alicia are a few steps ahead of us. They perform exhaustive, thorough research, compare prices, review safety records, and consult Consumer Reports. We take the lazy way out and simply copy whatever they do, like lemmings.

Anyway, how this played out at Ikea was us purchasing the exact same crib and changing table they did. I hope this doesn’t bother them too much. In our defense, the pieces are quite nice and quite possibly something we might have picked out on our own. We were definitely steering well clear of the brightly colored, oddly cartoonlike line of cribs and chairs that looked like something the Cat in the Hat would have purchased. I was a little afraid they were going to start dancing around the showroom floor by themselves.

All went smoothly until our final exit from the store, when Eric and his cart o’boxes got on the motorized ramp leading down to the parking area. A young mom in front of him with an even more heavily laden cart got stuck at the bottom, leading to some mad backwards scrambling on Eric’s part before her husband was able to yank her free.

Those Swedes may have it nearly all figured out, but not quite – having a customer squished between a Leksvik crib set and a Klingsbo coffee table would necessitate some serious explaining to the folks back in Stockholm.


2 Responses to “Our Ikea Adventure”

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