Halfway There

February 3, 2010

I’m now 20 weeks and change into the pregnancy and still feeling really good, which I’m grateful for.

I’ve officially gained as much weight as my mom gained during her entire pregnancy with me – 14 lbs. – but that was the early ’70s, when some doctors were actually advising pregnant women to take up smoking to keep their weight down. So I’m not putting too much stock in that.

I thought I would have more of a belly by now, but the weight has so far come on in an annoyingly even layer all over my body – I feel like a harp seal laying down blubber in preparation for the winter.

I do have a bit of a gut, but right now that’s really what it looks like: a gut rather than a baby. If I were to slap on a pair of spandex leggings and an ill-fitting tank top, I could easily be mistaken for one of those trashy women on Springer who should know better than to dress that way but doesn’t.


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