Day Care: The Wait Is On

January 27, 2010

The Olive isn’t even due to make her entrance into the world for another 5 months, yet it seems we’re already behind in the hunt for suitable day care.

I’ve called three local places and all already have wait lists for Fall 2010, when the Olive will be matriculating. This is disconcerting, as:

1. I am the most anal-retentive person I know. If I’m already behind the curve, when did these other people sign up? The moment they threw away their last pack of birth control pills?

2. She’s not even here yet. I’m starting to wonder if it’s too late to send in her application to Harvard. (At this point her extracurriculars would include flailing around and growing eyelids.)

3. Have I mentioned that she’s not even here yet?

The good news is that it appears that the Olive will be in excellent hands, if and when she ever gets into a program. One place notes that:

Area pediatricians recommend [our program]. Area kindergarten teachers have stated that [our] students are well prepared for kindergarten. Area colleges send Early Childhood Education majors to [us] for internships. Area high schools send students for on-site training in Early Childhood Education. Area middle schools send student volunteers to enrich their educational experience.

It sounds like the Olive would be much better off there than home full-time with me, where she’d be dealing with a mom who’s currently dropping everything she touches and two cats with a low tolerance for little people who scream a lot.


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