Mom Knows Best

January 15, 2010

Let the record show that my mom was the only one who predicted the correct gender of both Royringo (Dan & Alicia’s baby) and the Olive – they are having a boy and we, as we discovered yesterday at our ultrasound, are having a girl!

We’re very excited – we get both a nephew and a daughter in the bargain, and both the Fosters and the Carsens will now have a matched set of one grandson and one granddaughter apiece. I think the only one who may be slightly disappointed is Ziah, our 3-year old nephew in California, who put in an order for “a boy cousin.” Maybe Royringo can pay him a visit sometime.

We’ve seen many still photos of friends’ ultrasounds, but it’s a whole different ballgame when you’re there live and it’s your kid popping in and out of view on the screen like a surreal Magic 8 Ball. You see nothing, and then all of a sudden there’s a tiny foot in your face, followed by a big round head, followed by a bunch of fingers. In a few whole-body shots, it was evident that she was bopping all over the place like she was in a kickboxing class – I have already warned my ribs that they’re in for a few tough months.

When we got home, Eric picked up one of our two female cats and informed her that “You’re going to have a little sister. And Daddy’s going to buy himself a male puppy.”


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