The Well-Documented Grandchild

January 7, 2010

Eric’s parents already have one grandchild, an adorable 3-year-old named Ziah. I firmly believe he is the most photographed progeny in existence – even taking into account Prince William, Suri Cruise, and the myriad spawn of Brangelina.

The primary paparazzo is Ziah’s mom/Eric’s sister-in-law, Jen, who is a talented amateur photographer; she’s also a phenomenal pastry chef with a knack for interior design – the creativity gods smiled broadly upon her (I, on the other hand, have trouble pairing socks correctly when they come out of the dryer).

She has taken lovely photographs of Ziah at the beach, Ziah en famille, Ziah amidst grassy meadows, atop haystacks, and ensconced in pumpkin patches. These photos are all over Eric’s parents’ house, to the point that a quick glance around would lead to the reasonable yet mistaken conclusion that they have at least six strawberry-blond grandsons rather than just one.

It’s not just the number of photos that’s impressive – it’s also the variety of media. I’ve seen Ziah’s cherubic visage beaming at me from the front of greeting cards, the bottom of a serving tray, a 6′ x 8′ blanket, a way-beyond-lifesize enlargement in which each of his eyes is the diameter of a softball, and even a wall calendar (aka “12 Months of Ziah”).

I fear the Olive will never be able to catch up. Unless we hire Jen as the official photographer of our baby-to-be (I would actually consider this if she didn’t live 3,000 miles away), both my parents and Eric’s are going to end up with a few scattered snapshots (probably badly cropped mid-forehead and/or prominently featuring my thumb) rather than the rich photojournalistic montage to which they have grown accustomed.


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