The Pregnancy Diet

December 22, 2009

My local hospital sends out a little ezine to its expectant moms, thoughtfully keyed around your due date. Today’s issue focused on caffeine:

While a moderate amount of caffeine – a couple of cups of coffee or tea a day – is considered safe during pregnancy, large amounts of coffee – six or more 10-ounce cups a day – is not.

Good Lord. If I ever drank that much coffee, pregnant or not, I’d be bouncing off the walls. The issue also mentions pregnancy weight gain, noting that:

…during pregnancy you may enjoy some freedom from calorie counting. If you were at a good weight before your pregnancy, you can gain 25 to 30 pounds before your baby is born. For most women, while healthy eating is important, dieting simply isn’t necessary. In fact, restoring cream, butter, and yes, even a small amount of real sugar to your diet may be one of the pleasures of pregnancy.

“Restoring” cream, butter, and sugar? I’ve always eaten those things. I guess more people than I would have figured subsist primarily on gallons of coffee every day rather than real food. It’s sad, really – cream is a hell of a lot more fun than Coffee-Mate.


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