Playing Footsie

December 20, 2009

I went to bed the other night and woke up with Brodie snuggled up against my left foot. She was purring so enthusiastically I could feel the vibrations against my foot even though I couldn’t actually hear her.

I realized there was a problem when I continued to feel the vibrations even after I got up and showered and Brodie was elsewhere, engrossed in her regular routine of violently throwing herself around the interior of her litter box.

Michael J. Fox has done such a great job of informing the world about Parkinson’s Disease that I was sure this was an early symptom – until I looked online and realized that it was more likely that the baby was pressing against my sciatic nerve (which would also explain the shooting pains I’m occasionally feeling in my left lower back).

It was a relief. And I’ve kind of gotten used to the buzzing in my foot; it’s like carrying around a second phone in my shoe that’s on vibrate all the time.


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