Mirror, Mirror

December 14, 2009

When you’re pregnant, you hear a lot about, well, a lot of things you never expected to hear about. Case in point: Close friends of ours recently relayed the highly amusing story of their first son’s birth:

Kelley: “The doctor asked me if I wanted ‘the mirror'” [here she’s making air quotes] “and I said no, and he said, ‘Oh, you definitely want the mirror.’ He brings in this HUGE round thing, like the kind they put up near parking garages so you can see around corners, and points it right at my crotch!”

Matt: “Yeah, and you could totally see everything from out in the hall. We had a lot of rubberneckers. I thought about maybe just inviting everyone in already so they could get a better look.”

Kelley: “It was so big I couldn’t look away. The worst part was when I started pushing, and I’d see the baby’s head start to come out, and then I’d stop for a minute and it would slide back in. I was like, OH COME ON! I told him I didn’t want that damn mirror…”

Normally you wouldn’t hear so much about a friend’s privates, but pregnancy really brings down the barricades. I guess it’s useful training for breastfeeding, a time when you habitually whip out in public a body part that until then you’d always made at least perfunctory efforts to cover up.


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