Dog + Baby = Unhappy Dog

December 1, 2009

We went over to our friend Molly’s house for dinner last night and got to meet her husband (Dave), her bonny 10-month-old son (Connor), and her put-upon dog (Roxie).

I’ve heard many heartwarming stories of pets who immediately took to the new children in the family – protectively shielding them from threats both real and perceived, lovingly shepherding them back into the family backyard, vigilantly standing watch beside bassinets and cribs. Roxie is not one of these pets. Molly reports that Roxie remains fiercely loyal to her and Dave and views Connor as an unwelcome irritant.

Roxie seemed relieved that none of last night’s guests brought additional little people into the house and was clearly enjoying the extra attention. She never fully dropped her guard, however. Connor was zipping around the kitchen in a high-tech walker that looked more like baby mission control, deftly navigating turns and doorjambs and repeatedly rolling into Roxie’s personal space, emitting shrieks of glee. Even after Connor went to bed, Roxie kept a wary eye on the burbling baby monitor.

It all made me think of how different life will be for our two spoiled cats, Tasha and Brodie, in a few months. They don’t like each other much, but I think the prospect of a common enemy may well forge a new solidarity between them. We just need to make sure to keep Tasha out of the nursery – she’s always struck me as the baby-smothering type. “Well, thank GOD that noise has finally stopped. Now who’s got some chicken for me?”


One Response to “Dog + Baby = Unhappy Dog”

  1. tiffbonk Says:

    Great post, I have 2 very spoiled cats and have been wondering the same thing!

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