A New Girl in Town

April 25, 2009

The big news here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is that a new girl has come to town. She’s striking. She loves the outdoors. She’s plastic.

According to yesterday’s edition of the Portsmouth Herald:

Fearing it may “freak out” pedestrians at Vaughan Mall, the City Council limited its approval of a local boutique shop owner’s request to place a seated mannequin outside her store to three months, rather than one year.

The boutique in question, Edelweiss, sells various items imported from Austria, Switzerland, and other neighboring countries known for clocks, chocolates, and cowbells. I’m a frequent passer-by, and the mannequin is a little creepy. More than once I’ve glanced over and wondered why that woman was sitting out in the bitter cold, or lacked the sense to come in out of the rain.

I’m not the only one. The article continues:

“Have we allowed a chair with a mannequin on city property before?” said Councilor Eric Spear. “Because it kind of freaks me out actually.”

Councilor Esther Kennedy shared the concern, “I kind of agree with Councilor Spear. It kind of freaks me out, too.”

Small towns. Gotta love ’em.


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